D. Caridi and associates also provides expert SolidWorks and AutoCAD drawing services. Drawing modifications for "AS Built" modified drawings required by building commissions and local municipalities as well as dimensioning and drawing from a blank page. We can open almost any AutoCAD or Drawing Exchange Format (DXF) file. We can also provide plotting and copying services on paper or vellums complete with bindings.

We have been working with Computer Cad drawings since 1986 and are familiar with most drawing types and layouts. Electrical installation or "As Built" drawings are a very necessary function in most municipalities. We can also draw individual 3D models and part drawings for replacement parts from current parts or pieces there of. We also have experience in plant layout engineering and occupancy permit drawings. We have certifications from APICS in Master Resource Planning (MRP) and in Capacity Resource Planning (CRP). 

We also can provide concept drawings required for patents and other legal record information. We can take your idea from the napkin to the US Patent office. We are mechanical engineers by trade and understand new concepts easily.

Please call or email us and we would be happy to help with any size projects.

Example of "As Built" drawings. Each drawing required over 30 light label adjustments, location modifications and materials notifications.


Examples of Mechanical Design. This business awning was designed and we had an experienced fabricator make the awning. Lettering was provided by the Earl Mich Co (www.earlmich.com)


Examples of Mechanical assemblies. This is a part rotator disc for a part production line in a manufacturing company in Chicago.

Example of a high efficiency workstation used in packaging and shipping facilities. The design eliminates the need for "over the conveyor" ladders reducing the possibility of injury and allowing supervisors and personell easier access.

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