Completed Layout of Randy Fay's Daisy Cutter AMP


Peter decided he would like to take a crack at building AMPs to get that special and unique sound he was looking for and could not find in commercial AMPs. Pete mentioned it to me and I thought what could it hurt except our wallets. We built the AX84 SEL AMP and it powered up and worked just fine. Pete found Randy's Daisy Cutter AMP videos on YouTube and really liked the sound. With the SEL a layout was available with a template to use for the drilling and a bill of materials. We could not find either for the Daisy Cutter so would be more challenging. We are both new bees building AMPs but the first one went so well how could we resist ?? 


The layout is drawn in AutoCAD 2004 and each item is a component so it can be counted and extracted into a Bill of Materials.

In keeping with Randy's generosity making the schematic available we would like to offer our drawings also. If you would like a copy of the AutoCAD files please email me at dcaridi@pcguysonline.net and tell me what version you need or if necessary I can convert it to DXF . If you have any questions, concerns or just want to talk AMP please feel free to contact us at amp@pcguysonline.net .


The cabinet is next ! We will make those drawings available also.


And oh by the way this amp rocks !!




Get PDF of Layout      Get PDF of B/M



 Pictures of the finished product





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